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Nuvem Logic is a cloud first solutions provider, specialising in Microsoft cloud technologies. We focus on simplifying the cloud by providing best in class solutions to help businesses transition from traditional on premise I.T to a secure, scalable and cost effective technology platform.

We are passionate about delivering first class customer service and helping business’s of all sizes and industries realize the benefits of transitioning to the cloud. Nuvem Logic provide a full lifecycle approach from project inception and strategy through to design and deployment and ongoing support and managed services.


Modern Workplace

Facilitate flexible and remote working for your staff with co-ordinated device management and no compromise in functionality or productivity. Practical and secure, modern workplaces are the future.

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Modern Datacentre

Build, manage and deploy secure applications on a secure, cloud-based, global network. With rapid incident recovery, data protection, and centralised control, the modern datacentre is the perfect solution for your business.

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Intelligent Security

Protect your business with intelligent security; multi-factor authentication and endpoint management ensure your data is kept watertight from e-mails to documents and beyond.

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We provide comprehensive support services for Azure, MS365, cloud backup and our hosted desktop services, no matter what stage your business is at.

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Our consultancy is as honest and impartial as you can get. We can help with adoption and change management, governance, migration, analytical services and more.

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We can help you with strategic planning and implementation to help you reach your long term goals for growth and success. Our Health Checks provide instant value, giving full visibility of your assets and infrastructure.

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Why Cloud?

It’s cheaper to get started.

IT and office managers know: hardware is costly. A comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of your organisation can be prohibitively expensive, and capital is always a consideration for an SME or a business on a budget.

It’s flexible.

A key draw of cloud-based services is how they can scale with a business easily. Experiencing growth? Your cloud infrastructure can grow with you. Cutting back on expenditure? It’s just as easy to shrink down your subscribed services.

Collaboration is easier.

The modern business isn’t in one office anymore. Staff work remotely and at home, and contractors and decision-makers can be anywhere in the world at a given time.

Software updates are simpler.

The pains of maintenance and updates are made easier through the cloud. Because your servers are off-site, your suppliers are the ones who manage them.

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Nuvem logic were chosen to deploy our Azure cloud infrastructure and work alongside the IT Team at Dick Lovett. This was due to the overwhelming knowledge they had and the understanding of how our Business needed to transform and provide future services.

We now have a very robust and scalable platform that not only do we have our back-ups going to, to compliment the necessary DR policies required but also to facilitate flexible home working with windows virtual desktops and apps that can be spun up in an instance at any time.

Would highly recommend Nuvemlogic to be anyone’s cloud strategic partner.

Dudley Spicer - Group IT Manager Dick Lovett

The support we at Westerleigh have received has been nothing short of superb. Nuvem Logic have helped guide us through a full migration to Office365.
Old legacy programs have been moved to Azure with fantastic results.
Remote working is now no different to working in the office (this could not have been implemented at a better time with ongoing COvid-19 crisis)

Support is always available when we have required it, with no job being too big or small.
Their knowledge and technical expertise have given the company the solid foundation it needed to revolutionise it’s IT infrastructure.

We could not be happier with the results Nuvem have allowed us to achieve, both in terms of efficiencies and cost-saving.

Alex Wright – I.T Manager Westerleigh Group Limited

Nuvem Logic always provides excellent IT support and development to our company.  Nuvem project-managed a major upgrade to our network and servers that took place without a hitch.  The company helped us to implement efficient remote working and is guiding us to practical cloud based systems.

Nuvem’s staff members are knowledgeable and friendly.  They take the time to understand our IT needs and problems in order to provide the correct solutions.

I thoroughly recommend Nuvem to anyone looking for superb IT support.

Peter Mead - IT Manager